The best and worst performing Tie-Dye Colors

Mint is a Star color: a color that is trendy, and one consumers are likely to buy. Our data shows that Mint tie dye will sell 21% above average Tie-Dye colors. It is important to mention that when comparing different shades of green, mint is the green that performs best. We found that consumers are unlikely to buy Khaki Tie-Dye or other shades of green. For Tie-Dye, stick to Mint. Discover the color preference of Tie-Dye tested on consumers. The best and worst performing Tie-Dye hues full-disclosure. Tie-dye is a Hot Trend, we can agree on that. Are you clear on the Key Colors Consumers Love Most in Tie-Dye? In 25 pages, we sum up the most liked basic Tie-Dye colors in order of preference. In other words, we show you clearly if you have the same SKU in different basic Tie-Dyes, which volume you should go for. Finally some clear answers for you.
Julie Evans
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