The Rise & Fall of Trends

Business of Fashion’s article on sustainability explains how some fashion brands are going above and beyond to reduce carbon emissions. They've narrowed the problem down to product production. But what is the most efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions during production? The answer is simple: Reduce production = reduce carbon emissions. Brands are using more recycled polyester, deforestation-free viscose, and certified cotton– but according to BoF, it’s still not enough to impact the carbon footprint fashion brands have created. By understanding the rise and fall of trends, brands will decrease CO2 emissions in a major way. Sustalytics assists brands with its marketing software. It creates surveys to truly understand what consumers want. That way, brands can reduce overproduction and profit more because Sustalytics will tell brands exactly what will sell. It's a win-win. If BoF says changing material isn't enough, then Sustaylics is helping brands get one step ahead of the game.
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