Survey Report: Women Pant Style

We apply statistical algorithms so you can know which products will sell better than others. What is worth producing or what you might consider re-working. We ran our likeability test to find out which pant style consumers will prefer. The all-time favourite style for everyone was the wide leg pant in black and brown. However, the statement zebra pant and cargo print are the ones to drop with the all-around lowest scores. To guide you towards the right assortment decisions, we classify products into 3 categories: Volume, Medium and Drop. In our surveys, we are going to guide you with recommendations on which products you can offer in Volume, which are Medium: trends that will offer novelty and sell in a medium sales volume and which you should buy as a Drop, ie. in a lower volume. Visit our website now for more industry insights and find out more about how we can help your brand produce bestsellers.
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