Ombré Gradient. Will this evolution of tie-dye sell?

There are mainly two types of Ombré gradients: the classic one-color Ombré –Loro Piana set or tracksuit by L’urv- and the multi-shading Ombré as shown on the other references. ‍ ‍Our data shows classic Ombré-Dyes are preferred by consumers over multi-color ones. This type of Ombré (or Dip-Dye, as some may call it) will sell 2 times better than the multi-color effect. However, if you still want to do multi-color ombré, know that the smoother the transition between colors the most liked by consumers. After the success of Tie-Dye, Ombre gradient appears as an evolution of this trend. Will it sell in big volume? Which colors are consumer's favorite? Find everything you need to know about this new trend and discover how to nail Tie-Dye in SS22.
Julie Evans
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