Localized Tie-dye, the evolution of the Trend

There are 3 types of Localized Tie-Dyes: -The Placement-Dye: a big localized iteration as seen on the Proenza Schouler sweatshirt or the Urban Outfitters jacket. -The Bleached-Dye: a bleach-like effect. -The Structured-Dye: a linear-iteration, as seen on the Ulla Johnson dress and MSGM hoodie. These are more sophisticated Tie-Dye techniques, a clear evolution of the ongoing Tie-Dye trend. Which one will sell best? How should you offer the Localized Tie-dye to consumers so that they fall in love with the Trend? Get your copy now on Localized Tie-dye - a clear 15 pages report on this Key Trend or get the Full-Disclosure 40 pages Report on Tie-dye to answer all your questions
Julie Evans
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