The Key Pantone Color Shades that will sell best

Go soft for the best of Pinks. The best Pinks are actually the softer shades. Peachy Keen, and Mahogany Rose and Rose Dawn are the favorite light options. Darker shades of Pink such as Deco Rose are the best darker options. When comparing pink on tops/ bottoms/ outerwear categories, Pinks will always perform better on tops (+6%), than bottoms (+1%) or outerwear (-7%). Activewear is also a strong category for Pinks, especially in sports-bras. If you wish to place Pinks in A/W collections, avoid bottoms, and nail it on pullovers or sweaters. You know the top colors but don't you wish you knew exactly which Pantones you should go for? Which are the Key Shades Consumers Love Most? 20 pages of inspirational data on the Key Pantone Shades in the Basic Timeless Color Palette to answer all your questions.
Julie Evans

What will you find in the report?

You know that when there is a new trend it doesn't obviously mean it is going to sell in volume, right?

As Fashion Professionals you can now build meaningful products that consumers will love and, avoid producing inventory that consumers will not buy. Let technology do the work. Thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence, we are able to understand consumers product preferences. We translate this big data to create the first ever Consumer Data-backed Forecasting Reports.

To guide you towards the right assortment decisions, we show you the Key Pantone Shades in all Basic Colors that will sell in most volume.

Where does the data used for the report comes from? 100K unique women from Europe and United States were surveyed for this study and more than 1.5 Million data points on preferences were analyzed. The technology applied is Visual recognition and machine learning that allows us to gather findings.

You will know which Pantone works best in the Key Basic Timeless Color Palette in an inspirational & easy to understand report. With the key info in hand now you can do your magic of designing cool trendy new styles knowing that they are more likely to sell.

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