“The customer profile is your brand’s secret weapon” Harvard Business Review

The reality today is many fashion companies focus on building the product and then serving it to the right customer however the reality is they shouldn’t that, they should do the opposite focus on the customer to build the right product

They keep on flying blind without knowing for whom they are designing, for whom they are buying and to whom they are distributing.

A macro trend that we observe when benchmarking the market of retail in general is that companies are focusing more and more on the customer. Amazon, now the n # 1 world’s online retailer, had “customer obsession” as one of its core principle since the start.

What is customer personalization?

“Think about a moment when you’ve had to purchase a gift for someone. Naturally, you put some thought into this. During that thought process, you gather up relevant information about this person. Who is this person? What do they like? What do they enjoy doing? What are their interests?  With that 360 degree view, you’re able to come up with a few gift ideas suitable for that one person.  The same concept applies to marketing personalization and how Amazon uses that to target customers. »


“Knowing your customer is an advantage, the same advantage you have when you know who you’re playing against in poker. Knowing his style, habits, tendencies can make a huge difference. With insight on his next move you can capitalize by altering your plays. »





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