Chat marketing and chatbots

Companies that are heavily investing in their digital accessibility and innovation will be the
winners going forward. Harvard Business Review conducted research on First Mover Advantage and found that companies that are forefront in adopting new technologies are more likely to lead in growth and marketing position than competitors that lag in embracing new technologies.

Companies that are already incorporating artificial intelligence into their marketing approaches are positioning themselves for success in the future.
Companies that invest in AI marketing software that integrates native consumer behaviors will have the highest ROIs. The incorporation of the marketing event into the natural experiences of the consumer authenticates the marketing experience and produces higher consumer conversion and retention rates.

Here are some AI technologies companies should be investing in now:

Chat Marketing
Digital marketing as a discipline is undergoing a revolution in terms of effectiveness and
intelligence. This revolution is characterized by the rise of chat marketing, meaning direct
marketing to customers on a one-to-one basis through their chat apps, namely SMS and
Facebook Messenger.

The potency of this marketing channel is immediately apparent in the data on conversion
and click through rates as compared to other marketing channels. In contrast to the
industry averages for email marketing, which typically has open rates of 20 percent and
click-through rates of 3 percent, chat marketing campaigns are achieving opening rates as
high as 88 percent and click-through rates of 56 percent.


Chatbots are AI-powered programs that can respond to user plain-text queries with
human-like responses. Consumers can interact with chatbots via SMS, text or messaging
apps, and companies are increasingly implementing them as part of their marketing and
customer service operations.


Dana Gibber is an expert in chatbot UX and UI, natural language processing and consumer
conversions and co-founder and COO of Headliner Labs, a chat marketing platform.

By Dana Gibber • 02/19/18 6:15am

The 3 Technologies Your Company Needs to Survive

Waste is actually the sector’s “elephant in the room”

Fashion is at a tipping point, facing both economical and environmental challenges ahead


The biggest companies are accused of burning overproductions

Waste is actually the sector’s “elephant in the room”


The truth is that companies are flying blind, it is hard to predict

what consumers want,

what is worth producing,

in which quantities and

how to distribute this product to the right consumers.


Our mission is to address those issues by giving an additional way of doing this better.

We give retailers an extra step ahead in the game, a competitive advantage

For that powerful algorithms are leveraged and machine learning is applied to ensure the highest accuracy.


By producing only the right products, in the right quantities for the right consumers brands can prove that they can be more profitable and more sustainable at the same time.